About Us

Italian Fairs and Expos

Fiera Emaia is made of a team of professional journalists and enthusiastic tourists from different backgrounds. The aim of this union is to bring to the public all the fairs, expos and any tourism-related gathering happening in Italy. No doubt, Italy is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. Sadly, some of the visitors are rarely aware of the exhibitions happening at different fairs or expos held frequently across the nation. This website is an attempt to help potential travelers to better plan their itinerary and make plans to attend one of the expos or exhibitions in the city.

Our Belief

We believe that Italy is not maximizing its tourism potentials. With a large number of exhibitions and tourism fairs happening annually across the nation, Italy is supposed to be one of the top three countries when it comes to tourism—however, that is not so. By increasing the publicity of the various tourism events in the nation we hope to give more foreign tourists a reason to visit Italy.

Majority of the tourism companies and stakeholders in the nation often work in isolation rather than as a unit. The TTG Incontri is one of the opportunities that these different bodies have to come together and discuss the progress of the industry. Sadly, not every tourism company knows about this event while others miss the date because of lack of awareness. We believe more tourism companies will join this partnership if it receives enough publicity for them to begin to see it as a necessity.

We also believe that Italy has all it takes to decide the direction the tourism industry should go rather than chasing the trend. This is because Italy has the best fashion industry in the world. The hospitality industry is also growing rapidly and offering a large number of perks to guests.

Our Heritage

Tourism is not just an industry but a way of life for countries that have made it an integral part of their lives and economy. It is, therefore, our duty as humans to protect this culture. Through various efforts geared at tourism development, we will be certain to leave a better environment for the future generation.

When a tourism event is properly developed, it leads to the localization of supporting industries around the main industry. A good example is the springing up of exotic restaurants in Rimini owing to the TTG Incontri annual event. This stimulates growth and leads to wealth and employment creation.

Tourism promotes unity and ethnic integration because it unites citizens of different countries of the world with a common purpose. Tourism development can be a vital tool to fight the inequalities and ethnic intolerance bedeviling the world.

Our Mission

At Fiera Emaia we are committed to doing everything within our capacity to promote the growth of tourism not only within Italy but around every country in the world through mass education. Most importantly, we hope that our efforts will inspire other countries to put more efforts into the development of their tourism industry.

We also accept the responsibility of providing our readers with all the information they will need about any upcoming fair, expo, or any similar event happening in Italy all the publicity that it will need to be a success.

Wherever there is a story that has to do with tourism in Italy, we will chase it down and bring you the dates and any other information you may need.

Our Vision

Fiera Emaia envisions a world where tourism is used to create wealth and fight extreme poverty as well as create unity by bringing people from different parts of the world together.

The Future

Social trend is continuously changing around the world. Countries that are lagging may never know how far behind they are without an event like the TTG Incontri that brings different countries together. By interacting with each other we will be able to:

  • Preserve the culture of tourism which has become a way of life of many countries
  • Live above ethnic and religious differences which are continuously threatening the unity of the world.
  • Discover the formula used by nations gaining big from tourism and apply them to developing nations to achieve a similar feat.