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All over the world, outdoor products beautify our environment particularly the parks but they are often not given the amount of recognition they desire. Italy is hoping to change the status quo through SUN, a trade show titled International Exhibition of Outdoor Products, Design, Furnishing, Accessories.

SUN was founded in 1983 but the event has grown in the past three decades from a local event with few participants to an international event drawing thousands of visitors and exhibitors. The primary focus business of SUN includes sports facilities, balneology, swimming pools, public services, gardening, town planning, and municipal equipment.

The success of SUN cannot be discussed in isolation because it is usually celebrated in conjunction with other events including SIA Guest. The primary focus of SIA Guest is the hospitality industry. It is important to mention that the hospitality industries are the ones that make use of the most outdoor products. Exhibiting these outdoor products in the presence of hospitality companies increases the chance that they will find potential buyers.

Statistics And Details Of Past Events

Since its inception in 1983, SUN has become an annual event held in October every year. The 2018 event was held from the 10th to the 12th of October. The success of the event has continued to sower every year with more exhibitors and visitors from the national and international gracing the occasion.

According to the 2016 statistics, there were 141 national exhibitors and 17 foreign exhibitors. The venue of the three-day event has remained the Rimini Fiera in Rimini, Italy. The organizers of the event are Fiere e Comunicazioni Srl and Italian Exhibition Group (IEG). Another event that is held simultaneously with SUN is the TTG Travel Experience.

The highpoint of the event is usually the SUN GIOSUN which is also held in RIMINI. In this area, all outdoor solutions for fun are displaced close to play areas with equipment for all ages. Managers of holiday parks and campsites always look forward to the Camping Village show at the Fiera di Rimini.

What To Expect From Some Of The Hotels In This Area?

The first thing on the itinerary of tourists is usually accommodation. This is understandable because shelter is one of the basic necessities of life. The expansion of the SUN and other associated fairs in this area has led to the localization of hotels struggling to provide competing services to their guests.

Peru Hotel of Rimini is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants for visitors in this area. this restaurant is not only located in a quiet and grotesque Rimini Marina Center, but it is also affiliated to the SUN Giosun Camping Village show. Guests who come for the fair and stay in this hotel will get exclusive services like the breakfast buffet, free wireless, free bicycles or shuttle services to the fair.

The 2019 edition will also be hosted by Rimini Fiera from October 9 to 11, 2019. Sia Hospitality Design and TTG Incontri will also be held concurrently with the SUN event in the same venue.

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