International White Truffle Fair Of Alba Ends On November 25

The Alba International White Truffle Fair (Fiera Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco d’Alba) may have come and gone but the memories will definitely linger for a little while. While some people may be wondering the fuss about an ugly looking fungus with a strange smell, to others it is a priced delicacy. The event which started on the 6th of October and ended on the 25th of November was 8 weeks of an amazing experience for the participants.

This 88th edition was a success in a number of ways. First, the number of participants surged by 6.22 percent compared to the previous year with a record 24,424 participants. The event which took place in Alba had several attractions including film presentations or exhibitions and folklore shows (historical parade, donkey palio, and truffle bacchanal).

This season, the price of the white variety of truffle usually fluctuates between €4 and €4.5 per gram but those who made it to the fair were able to get this precious white variety for as low as €3.5 per gram. In addition to white truffles, visitors were also treated to local delicacies like cheese, liquors, pasta, chocolate, cured meats, chestnuts from Cuneo, and hazelnuts from Piedmont. Since 2002, the fair had been held in cooperation with the Italian Porcini Fair in Albareto.

The white truffles are the most expensive because of their characteristic and powerful aroma which is capable of spicing up poor cuisines like pasta with butter.

About The 88th Fair

The Alba International White Truffle Fair is one of the numerous events that showcase the best of Italian cuisines and excellence. On every Saturday and Sunday of October and November, the essence of the fair is on the Alba White Truffle World Market.

The Alba White Truffle World Market is an exhibition area in the historic center that gives enthusiasts the opportunity to explore the best truffles sourced from Monferrato, Roero, and Langhe woods. The market comprised of different stands offering a large variety of Tuber magnatum Pico. OIAT organization (Organizzazione Internazionale Assaggiatori di Tartufo) associated experts were also on ground to give their advice and inspect the truffles before they were put up for sale.

One of the high points of this fair which opened from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm was the Alba Truffle Show. In attendance were some of the best chefs. The show also gave the participants the opportunity to participate in the Wine Tasting Experience and the Truffle Sensory Analysis in addition to meeting people and debates. Beyond savoring the taste, the fair also has educational significance through its folklore. There was also a pavilion, the Alba Truffle Kids, dedicated to children and their families.

How The Fair Helped Participants To Explore Alba?

Besides providing participants with the best opportunity to enjoy the best of Italian food and drinks, the Alba International White Truffle Fair also gives participants the opportunity to explore the beautiful weather and landscape of this area. The weather is usually fantastic between October and the early part of November. In the just concluded fair, it reached 20oC some days.

Participants also had a long list of exotic views to feast their eyes like the old castles illuminated by the orange rays of the sun, imaginary shapes created by the regular row of the grape bush, and the decorative magnificence of colors. For artists, photographers, painters, and anyone that has a sense of beauty for the world, it was a real treasure and source of inspiration. You won’t be wrong to call it a complete feast of all senses.

Famous People That Have Identified With White Truffles

Some people refer to white truffles as gray diamonds. This is a shrewd comparison considering the huge amount of money that lovers of this delicacy have to pay for them. In Italy, this funny shaped fungus is a symbol of glamor and prestige.

It is not surprising that white truffles have earned the admiration of famous personalities like Alfred Hitchcock, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni, Julia Roberts, and Catherine Zeta Jones. Starting from 1949, political or cultural figures are awarded with the aromatic prize of the Best Truffle of the Year. Some of the past awardees include the Italian actress Claudia Cardinale, Ronald Reagan, and Pope John Paul.